Small Munsterlander Pointer

hansemma The Small Munsterlander Pointer is a great dog whether you’re hunting for upland game birds or waterfowl. These dogs are excellent in the water and their tracking ability can’t be matched by any other pointing breed. A well bred Small Munsterlander Pointer has fur that can withstand hard winters and cold water for the avid water fowler. For the upland game hunter, this dog does it all. They are great at what I call “Hunting The Cover”, which means if the cover is high and heavy they will hunt close and methodically and when the cover is light their range will expand accordingly. The Small Munsterlander Pointer is a slow maturing dog compared to most other pointer breed dogs. This depends on each and every dog, but you can’t find a finer dog for the hunter on foot. The true hunter can not find a better versatile hunting dog and is getting more attention than ever before.

Hansthe first VC Small Munsterlander in North America, is no longer with us. His legacy will live on through his offspring. We do have collected sperm. For more information please contact us.






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